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July 3, 2017

December 8, 2016

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December 8, 2016


this may seem like an odd topic but its real...

i dream of people and things every single night. some people never dream but me... every single night...

i believe i have a 5th sense i constantly have deja vu and im condtantly letting what i dream about affect me.. i wake up full of all thos emotion that i cant control. my body physically plays these things out the way it seen it in my dream (i hit something my hand hurts) my mental cañacity feel like its at witts end and i have to wake up. not just wake up ftom sleep but to understand things are just that... dreams and the reality of things isnt so simple... 

i realize no matter what i dream my brain does not control or predict reality to realitys terms, it does it to mine and with my mind i can not superpower change a damn thing..

i can want something so bad and i mean bad enough to cause mental physical and emotional kaos but that wont make it happen the way i want it to...

i wanted this site a year ago so bad.. yet here i am a year later just now being able to share my ideas with the world   its crazy how life works.. no matter what you have there is something else you will long for thats human nature my dear. 

allow your dreams to manifest into a goal not a emotion. i have had a dream about the same person 4x this week and its due to the bad foot were on. its bothering me i have guilt. when i go to bed the issue isnt solved nor when i wake up. so i cant allow a dream to create a false emotion or physical response in my reality. 

now, dreams that are goals however affect you in a way that can sometimes be unñroductive. so many things to do and not enough time which can drown you in worry and make u get nothing done.....

im here to tell you right now,  allow reality to set in as a boundary and push on time like it does on you. allow yourself to understand that each day is beneficial to where you are going to go and wake up and do as much as you can in that day AND BE PROUD OF JUST THAT NO MATTER HOW SMALL. YOU STILL DIF MORE THAN YESTERDAY AND HELPED TO ACHIEVE THAT GOAL..


RING A BELLE AND BE SWELL drea signing off

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