• Drea Labelle

Building support systems.

It took a long time for me to understand the need for support systems especially in business. I feel people solely rely on family and friends to start outvthe support and that is where a lot of people fail. I have found that a stranger will help you faster than a relative so you cant be discouraged by people not supporting you like you expected.

Here are 3 tips from experience on how to build and find support for your business.

1. Dont expect people to do it for you just because you did it for them.

I always try to attend events for friends and family and even strangers. Most of the time they never come to mine. I am honestly one of the only people i know who has their own business so there are never business types of events going on to attend, which makes me feel my events are more important because of that fact. This is not always true. Go find people like you and support them and they will support you.

2. Understand the point of the support system.

A bunch of people are all over the place and think just because they come up with a new idea every 5 minutes people are suppose to run and support them every time. Make sure you are doing something that you are passionate in and put the necessary work into as well. Use your support system to help grow who you already are.

  • 3. Network!

This is the most important.

If people dont know who you are and what you dp how can people support you? Never be afraid to tell people at random if necessary who you are and what you do. Be proud and move wisely.

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