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what is Drea Labelle

Drea Labelle LLC is a custom fashion design business specializing in custom made clothing for woman with unique styles. most of the time woman go to the store with an idea of what they want, they may find it and its not perfect or it is perfect and it does not fit or come in their size. our mission is to alleviate the store shopping experience and create custom exactly what you were looking for to begin with. We range from girls clothing and accessories to woman's clothing, accessories and formal wear including wedding and formal occasions of that type for all cultures. We especially welcome the curvier and petite body types because custom clothing is in high demand for these 2 body types since clothing stores are reluctant to carry these sizes. coming June 2018 we will have a line of custom shoes to add to our accessories and woman's clothing lines produced every season. our specialty fabric is laces of all sorts. at least 3 items each clothing line is created from a very unique hand picked lace from anywhere around the world. The founder has a unique taste and style and it attracts woman who deem to be different and want to stand out in a crowd. each style is created by hand and drawn out to give you a visual of your merchandise and made in the correct time frame required. with a detailed measurement set we perform on each of our clients we are sure to hug, accentuate, and color pop a style just for you. located in the heart of the business district of cheviot our warming office will be sure to make you feel at home and our clothing will make you feel enhanced and perfectly uniquely you. now he only question is do you dare to Drea.

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