• Drea Labelle

Low carb cobbler one person keto

Man this was so lit! Had to find a way to make a low carb version of my fav black berry cobbler!!!! Heres how i made it!

What ya need

1 container of black berries

1 container of raspberries

1 pack of almond flower (its not cheap)

1. Bar of salted butter frozen

1. Small aluminum pan

About 4 tablespoons sweetner 

5 pieces of cinn toast crunch cereal crushed ( or use cinnamon)

1. Blackberrys are kinda medium high in carbs... so i used one small container of them and a small of raspberries. The pan you see i got from kroger for a set of 5 for like 4 bucks.

2. Rinse berries

And preheat 380 now 

3. Put 2 table spoons sweetener on them and mix til all berries covered.

4.mix 3/4 cup of almond flower with 2 table spoons sweetner.

Add one bar of chopped up frozen salted butter and cut in with a fork until it looks like a bunch of fine crumbs. If u use cinnamon put it in there now if not continue....

5. Put berries in the pan and stir just to make sure sweetner mixes on berries. 

6. Sprinkle the topping ontop of berries.

7. Add crushed cinn toast crunch if you use that.

8. Bake 380 for about 30 mins or until the topping turns brown and lays flat.

9. Its so ready and delicious. This is a very small one person amount dont make a bunch because you will eat it all! We have to keep in keto!! 

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