• Drea Labelle

Dealing with pain to benefit you.

Today i had the pleasure of knowing everything i wanted to know about the guy im dating. 

Wanting to know it all has been guarding my inner cortex for some time now.

I didnt see anything surprising... everything i had already had a clear view of my hypothesis but the confirmation may have been what is now driving me crazy.

My friend always says dont look for things you dont want to know however i needed to know this in order to go where i need to go. 

I can swing a few diff ways from this but the point is this "pain" im feeling is something i need to control in order to get what i need situated in the order it needs to be. 

Anger is one of the biggest worst enemies anybody can have its like having a body you cant control and doing things you cant come back from. Its something that burns like fire but can be dismantled in seconds. 

I am extremely angry.. however doing the things i want to do are not going to bring me good fortune and good things will come of it.

So if this will help anyone reading understsnd that logically thinking things through is the last thing you want to do right now however its the only way to find a solution to the issue that brings you pain.. and remember if it hurts bad it will hurt worst if you dont fix it. 

Have a good day people

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